Friendly photo friday: Shadows

Friendly Friday photo challenge hosted by Something to Ponder About. This week’s prompt: Shadows.

My daughter making shadows with her hands.

My daughter playing with snails.

My favorite, my family’s shadow.

Thank you http://Something to Ponder About for this prompt.

Expresion of emotions through poetry inspired by daily life experiences. I am just another human being who has overcome many challenges in life and has learned to see the creative side of them all.

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5 comments on “Friendly photo friday: Shadows
  1. Sandra J says:

    Great photos, fun, love the shadows

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  2. Forestwood says:

    Thanks for joining in on the regular Friendly Friday photo challenge. Love the hand butterfly. What fun. Did you make that one just for the challenge?

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  3. Chris Riley says:

    Wow, this looks s hard one this week Amanda.

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