I walked beside love today or at least that is how it seemed when I felt his eyes staring at me when I felt him so close and our eyes met  I walked beside love today or at least that is

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I am left with the memories

I’ll never forget your kindness, your smile as a friend feeling blue as a friend in the aisle I’ll never forget all the laughs that we shared your frown when upset and the tears when you are gone but I’ll

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Dark corner

How could I forget that corner?  If every time I think of my childhood flashbacks of it come to my mind it used to be my only refuge, every time I heard your footsteps getting closer to my room and

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Eyes of mine

My mind wanders off; as if it wanted to find her… to find that absent peace that comes back with a simple blink. Big, still eyes… big eyes that reflect my thoughts, those of the indecipherable type, those that pause

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My inner little girl

‚Äč    Close your eyes, you told us; so you can feel the peace…  take a deep breath, you insisted; and when I did it, I couldn’t believe;                             there

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Anxiety at nightfall

Anxiety at nightfall… I feel its intensity coming, anxiety at dawn… its presence palpitates. My hands go crazy… my hair wants to escape, my head gets frustrated… it doesn’t bear how it felt. Anxiety screaming inside of me… is lodged

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Thinking of you… again

Thinking of you… again how do I write about your poetry? that poetry that I lost, when I felt so close to your agony.   I don’t want to write about it anymore, I just wish to recover her again,

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