Falso Recuerdo (poema a mi padre)

Apenas si te recuerdo y este llanto es incontrolable, por qué es tanto mi desconsuelo? y el vacío que dejaste, tan grande pero si apenas te recuerdo… tu sonrisa es muy dispersa y tu mirada vacía, no tengo ningún anhelo…

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Ruminating about you

I still ruminate about you Specially in days like this one when I silently watch how others hug their man, whom raised them whom gave them a last name whom taught them how to be a good girl and whom

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Esos versos

Se me acabaron los versos creo que jamás volveré a escribir sin embargo la tristeza persiste cuando mi mente se inunda de tí A prisa me adueño de la pluma no quiero que se me escapen esos versos… que jamás

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My hiding place

I am still fearful of the judgements I don’t know how to share about myself I can’t show you my emotions… I can’t risk being hurt again, this is unbelievable… I am back my hiding place. Marie

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Aspirante a poeta

Sometimes I struggle so much to translate the emotion that I just decided to let it be. Aprendíz de escritor con aspiraciones de poeta con tus versos relatas el dolor o el gran amor que profesas Sin título de escritor,

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Low feelings

Emotions arising, as well as my attempts to write poetry words inspired by the will to live and the profound need to heal feelings as reminders that life can still flow even when those feelings are in the low. Marie

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Pure soul

Regret comes and goes, she does the best to stay positive.

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