Friendly Friday Photo challenge-Pathways

Today’s discovery, loved this trail. I went on an adventure inspired by the last prompt, pathways.

I thought I was done, then I found this…

then I found this, one of the pathways to the International Friendship Park, border of Mexico and USA.

The main one was closed, flooded😌

The detour took us to this amazing view.

Beautiful 🌅🌊🤗

Didn’t make it all the way to the park, maybe next time.

I can’t believe we have lived in San Diego for almost 30 years and I didn’t know this place was here, a few blocks from home.http://

One of my favorite Pathways at Torrey Pines State Reserve, La Jolla, CA.

And the best part, I discovered it with my sisters 💞💞

Definitely, my favorite place; best medicine to heal sadness…

to find peace…

to relax and clear your mind from the long day at work…

I never get tired of this beautiful place, Imperial Beach, CA.

The kids need to relax too 💜, one of their favorite places; Cuyamaca State Park, Julian, CA.


Our first trip to Vegas, on our way back home…

about to enter the storm, it was so scary and amazing as well.

Something to Ponder About

Expresion of emotions through poetry inspired by daily life experiences. I am just another human being who has overcome many challenges in life and has learned to see the creative side of them all.

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5 comments on “Friendly Friday Photo challenge-Pathways
  1. This is great any way you look at it, that you did this walk, but if you were spurred on by Amanda’s prompt makes it even better. Here’s to new discoveries!

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  2. […] by Marie’s post about the restorative effect of nature, and Peggy’s post referring to an article, in the […]

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  3. Forestwood says:

    Beautiful photos and words, Marie. I never imagined the border to be like that! And the photo walking down the pier was very atmospheric. Great compositions and extra bonus that you found it peaceful and restorative! Thanks so much for joining in.


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